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Chain Hoist Cranes

Konecranes chain hoist cranes are suitable for many different industrial and specialist applications. Whether you need a workstation crane, an overhead travelling crane, or a jib crane, our chain hoist cranes are ideal every time.

Cranes that are tailored just for you

At Konecranes, we understand that every customer is different, and so too are their needs. We customize your crane to meet your individual application requirements. You might buy a full chain hoist crane, or modernize your existing crane with an electric chain hoist.

Choose a single or double girder crane for your work area. A single girder crane can be either profile or box type girders. We can install an under-running crane if your building does not allow a column construction.

A strong and safe crane is a better crane

The steel structure is strong and built to last, optimized in design to reduce the stresses on your building. Your operators have good control over the load with stepless speed inverter control along the runway. An electrical limit switch keeps you and your hoist safe from electrical overloading.

Because we minimize headroom and hook approaches, you have maximum space for other operations below your chain hoist crane. Just in case, you can also install anti-collision devices for the crane and trolley to further enhance your safety.

    Trolley model  
Model Capacity [kg] Manual trolley Motor trolley Headroom Duty Classes FEM/ISO
XN1 60-250 X x x 1Bm - 2m / M3 - M5
XN2 125-500 X X X 1Bm - 2m / M3 - M5
XN5 125-1000 X X X 1Bm - 2m / M3 - M5
XN10 500-2000 X X X 1Bm - 2m / M3 - M5
XN16 1000-3200 X X X 1Bm - 2m / M3 - M5
XN20 1600-4000 X X X 1Bm - 2m / M3 - M5
XN25 2000-7500  X X X 1Bm - 2m / M3 - M5