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Shipyard Cranes


Lifting the Ship-building Process For 50+ Years

Konecranes has been meeting the lifting needs of ship-builders for over 50 years through all kinds of business weather. The world’s leading shipyards are Konecranes customers. Many of them have been our customers for a long time: they keep turning to us because they know we supply excellent lifting equipment and support services for ship-building.

When a Konecranes service technician arrives onsite, he represents Konecranes as a whole, not an isolated service function.

Be your shipyard large, small or in-between, your lifting needs indoors or outdoors, Konecranes has the experience to understand your business priorities and your ship-building process. We offer lifting technology that will make your production process safer and more efficient, from beginning to end. We offer the world’s most complete range of lifting equipment for ship-building, from the Goliath Gantry Crane to workshop chain hoists.

Are you planning the construction of a new shipyard, or planning to modernize an existing one? Or do you just need the most suitable lifting equipment for a specific set of functions in your shipbuilding process? Contact us for your best solution now.



World's largest Goliath Gantry Crane by Konecranes
This is a 3D animation of how we are going to assemble the world's largest Goliath gantry crane. In its combination of lifting capacity of 2,000 tons and rail span of 210 meters.